Documentation - Bespoke Deployment

Bespoke deployment provides a values.yaml file that contains everything that's needed to manually deploy the Facile chart. The Step 2 form allows for the customization of the deployment and associated Use Case configuration.

Facile Bespoke

Manual Helm deployment

To manually install via Helm, run the following command:

helm install {releaseName} --repo ping-facile -f {filename}.yaml

Deleting the Release

Unlike Auto-Deployment, Bespoke deployments need to be manually cleaned up.

  • Helm: helm uninstall {releaseName}
  • PVCs: kubectl delete pvc{releaseName}
  • PingOne: Delete the Admin SSO - {product} applications (Connections --> Applications)

Reusing the Release Name

You can reuse the Release Name - but you must delete the PVCs in-between deployments (the pingconfig assumes that nothing exists and builds from scratch)