Documentation - PingOne Challenges

Things we need (Non-Tech)

  • Where do people (Prospects \ Customers \ SAs) go to get help with integration?
    • Sample Code (where is this?)
      • PingOne Dev code is buried in the PingIdentity Github
      • Needs to reflect the broader development fabric
      • Proper documentation on usage and how to integrate with an app
    • Solutions Architects (Are they developers?)
    • Product (frequently non-responsive -- and who in Product is this?)
  • Who in Ping is advocating for Developers?
  • If not for Developers - who are we creating Product for?
  • Documentation
    • We still are not very good at this
    • Auth0 onboards applications with in-line \ contextual quickstart
      • Think what we're attemping with api-docs and do that from the P1 App settings