Documentation - Admin Consoles

Admin Consoles can be accessed via PingOne with the Administration button on the Dashboard. This will take you to the Release Environment Overview in PingOne.

Admin SSO will take you straight into PingFed and PingAccess.

PingData products (PD \ PDS \ PAZ) share a console that doesn't use SSO:

Product ServerName Credential
PingDirectory ldaps://{releaseName}-pingdirectory-cluster:1636 administrator / 2FederateM0re
PingDataSync ldaps://{releaseName}-pingdatasync-cluster:1636 administrator / 2FederateM0re
PingAuthorize ldaps://{releaseName}-pingauthorize-cluster:1636 administrator / 2FederateM0re
PingAuthorize PAP https://pingauthorizepap-{releaseName} admin / password123