Documentation - AuthN - Simple

OOTB PingFed HTML Form with LIP and Social.

Adapter Features:

  • OOTB config
  • Self-Service Password Reset \ Recovery
    • Uses Forgot Password AuthN Policy --> PingOne MFA
  • Local Identity Profile (registrationIdentityProfile)

Social Connections

The LIP includes Facebook and Google, but the adapters are not configured.


Dev Console

  • Create a new App
    • Copy the App ID & App Secret -- these go into the PingFed IK Adapter
  • Add Facebook Login
  • Valid OAuth Redirect URIs -- https://{releaseName}


Dev Console


reChapcha can be enabled if you configure the System provider first.

  1. Signup for reCaptcha (
  2. Create v2 Invisible site
  • Enter your Facile deployment domain
  1. Copy the site key and secret key into PingFed (Server --> External Systems --> Captcha Settings)